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You provide us with the location of the marraige and we design the mount and start the making process.

We strive to create the perfect screen printed gifts, so if you have any specific requirements or questions then do let us know. It is possible to change the wording if desired and we can giftwrap.

The majority of the maps we have are at a scale that will show towns and cities rather than street maps but for larger cities we do have street plans so it depends on the location required. For very small places and islands we sometimes have to source modern maps to ensure the destinations are included.

Please note that we are often able to create these map prints within a tighter timeframe but have our delivery times set to ensure that we have time to source maps if we don't have anything suitable in stock. If you are needing your print earlier than the suggested delivery times don't hesitate to get in touch and ask what is possible and we can confirm based on our studio capacity.

Always screen printed in black on the white mount for the most striking finish.

We do not offer a proofing service as standard but you can pay to recieve a proof if you want to check the map we will be using before we start the making process. You can then ask for alternatives to if you had a different style map or different scale in mind.

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