Not any old list Ladies and Gentlemen. Ohh no. We’ve made it onto the Blog&BuySale Christmas Wishlist. Hoorah. Our wares sit along side a whole host of other rather wondrous independent makers from across the land. If you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for the big day pop over and have a peruse. You’ll find a whole smorgasbord of mighty fine things.

A couple of our favourites are ‘Fruit Smile’ by Laura Redburn. The perfect gift for little ones who love their fruit.

We’d also love a lovely cuppa from one of these lovely mugs.  ‘Blue racing bicycle mug’  is designed by Hannah Stoney for Yellowstone Art Boutique and are made in the home of pottery, good old Stoke on Trent.

And last but certainly not least we blooming love this sausage dog coaster set from the ever wonderful Lucie Sheridan

You’ll also find three of our delights nestled amongst all the other goodies, so have a good root around, we’re certain you’ll find something awesome!

There are even a number of awards up for grabs. With some pretty special judges. Including the likes of the incredible Crispin Finn, who are one of our all time favourited when it comes to clean, simplistic and all round jaw dropping work. Fingers crossed we might even win one.

Lucy Glen